Tuesday, August 20, 2013

How I organize my Sub Binder

Good evening everyone!  I've been really busy this week with in-service meetings and making sure everything is ready for my students come Monday.  One of the things I've been working on was my Sub Binder.  Our school requires the use of a Sub Binder, and I wanted mine to be functional, but also pretty :)  I made these dividers, plus a cover page to use this year. I love that each cover page acts as a mini table of contents for each section, so hopefully my sub won't have any problem locating anything in my binder.  Click on the picture below to download my editable sub binder pages in PowerPoint form.
How do you organize for your subs?
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  1. First, let me just say your blog layout/design is adorable - totally love it!

    Admittedly, I'm terrible at updating my sub binder (maybe because I'm almost never out). I didn't even have a sub binder until a few years ago - our new department head was actually nice enough to make them up for us, which was great because I wouldn't even have thought of it otherwise.

    I think I have a lot of the same things in my sub binder (though your dividers are much nicer looking than mine...). I might have to borrow them :)

  2. Thanks, Frau Leonard! I never would have thought to use a binder either, but it's something our school requires, and I love it! It's so much more convenient than a folder. Feel free to use my dividers and let me know how your binder turns out!

  3. Thank you for this ~ I LOVE seeing how other encore teachers organize for subs {I teach art}. We start school tomorrow, and although I did take home my sub binder to work on this weekend; all my other projects took priority... hopefully I won't need a sub this first week!!
    I'm your newest follower :)
    ~ Kristin

    1. I'm glad it helps! Good luck getting your binder updated!

  4. Hello, I just found you while searching cards. I plan on trying them out next year in my HS Word Language class. I am also intrigued by your idea of a sub binder. I followed the link to dropbox and it stated that it had been moved. Would you mind fixing the link? Grazie!