Saturday, August 24, 2013

My Finished Classroom (Finally!!)

Happy Saturday, everyone!  I am so excited to share my finished classroom with you!  It was mostly finished about a week ago, but I still had a few things to get just right, so I waited to share until today. 
Here's how it looked when I got started:
And here's how it looks now (the view from the back door):
And from the opposite corner:
Here's how the front wall ended up:
Here's a close-up of what's on the right side of the board:
And here's where I write our objectives and tasks for the day (on the left side of the board):
I cut these titles out with my silhouette.  I used KG Always a Good Time font by Kimberly Geswein Fonts)
Here is the inside of my "front"door:
I just love these posters!  I purchased these posters from SpanishPlans on TPT and changed the font.  My students love these posters!

In the back corner, next to the "front" door, I have the flags displayed, and our mascot, the blue iguana, frequently hangs out on the flagpole (although sometimes he spends class with a student).  My high schoolers love our iguana and I have various students that will beg to hold the iguana for the class period.
Finally, on my desk I have my lesson planner/calendar.  I used a small binder and it has my calendar first, followed by my lesson plans.
Whew!  What do you think?  I am so ready to welcome my students on Monday morning!  
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  1. Nice!! If I was in High School I would LOVE to be in your room ... except I took German LOL! ;)

  2. you should add your lesson plan template to TPT, i'd buy it! ;-)

  3. I second that! I would love your LP template =)

  4. Just saw this and I love how you incorporated the subject pronouns posters on your door! Thanks for giving credit too!

    1. Just wanted to let you know we've updated this product!