Friday, August 16, 2013

How I organize myself for the week

Happy Friday, everyone!  Today was my first day back since I had surgery last November, and it was so nice to see everyone again!  I am ridiculously excited to begin another year at such a great school with such awesome people.
Today I want to share how I organize my classes for the week.  I think I got this idea from Ladybug's Teacher Files a while back.  It's really simple, yet effective!  I bought 5 of these from Walmart:
12-quart Sterilite Dish Bin
and printed and cut out the days of the week titles using my Silhouette and Mod-Podged them on (I know most people say there's bleeding or smudging when Mod-Podging over printed items, but for some reason that didn't happen in this case).  In order to get them to all fit on the table, I took some old cube shelves I had lying around:
and zipties and made the shelf.  Here's what I ended up with:
What I love about these bins is how big they are.  I'm planning on keeping the coming week's copies in the bottom right spot and organizing everything into the correct bin on Fridays.  I love that they will hold copies, manipulatives, games, papers to return, whatever I want.  I just pull out the day's bin and everything I need for that day is in there.  This system saves me a lot of prep during the week and it's yet another way to reinforce the days of the week with my students.

How do you organize your copies?
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  1. I use those bins for my stuff for the week too!!

    1. I love how easy they make it to organize!