Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fun ideas for teaching colors

Good afternoon, everyone!  I hope your weekend was as restorative as mine!
Today I wanted to share a few fun ways to teach colors in a foreign language classroom.
The first way I like to teach colors is by having the kids color swatches on their paper and label them for their notebooks.  They enjoy this, and we avoid using English.
A quick application activity (and good time-filler or Friday activity) is to have the students draw a picture, and instead of coloring it in, they write the name of the color in the target language.
This is not the best example, but you can get the idea.
One of my absolute favorite ways to practice colors is with manipulatives.  A few years back, I cut up construction paper and put it into baggies so each student would have a swatch of all the main colors.  After passing out the bags to my students, I call out a color in the target language (or project it using a powerpoint) and they have to hold up that color.  After a little bit, I like to make it tricky by giving them color "equations" (ie: red + blue =??).
My final favorite activity is to play scoot using clip art.  Each card has a piece of clip art on it, and they have to write one (or two) colors from the picture on their answer sheet.

How do you like to teach colors?
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  2. Love these ideas! Will share with with our Kindy teachers! Thanks!

    The Second Grade Superkids

  3. Cute ideas! Love the drawing idea - I'll have to try it next year!

    Because of how our curriculum was structured, we used to do colors towards the end of level 1. By then students had enough vocabulary that we could play "I spy with my little eye" in German. This year, with our new curriculum, we did colors during the first few weeks. Not really enough vocab for I spy, but I had them do a similar activity using cognates (they were labeled for students).

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