Sunday, July 7, 2013

Scoot Game Freebie

Hey everyone!  I wanted to share a new freebie with you today.  Does anyone else play Scoot with their class?  My kids love it because they get to move around the room and I love it because sometimes a worksheet is necessary and this makes it a little more fun.  I usually play with task cards (or even a cut-up worksheet if I was short on time) or flashcards.  They really enjoy it when they have a flashcard with a Spanish phrase and they have to draw a quick picture for it.

Anyways, I revamped my Scoot answer sheets and posted them as a freebie on my TpT store.  I made a Spanish version and an English version, and they both have an editable version inside.  Just click on the picture to be taken to my store to download it.  If you like it, let me know!  I also have two sets of Spanish Task Cards (-ar verbs and preterite tense) if anyone is interested.

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