Friday, July 5, 2013

Favorite Pins Friday

Hello everyone!  I hope you all had fun celebrating yesterday!  I did a little shopping, and will post my finds later.
Today, I want to link up with Cara Carroll for her Favorite Pins Friday linky party.
chevron 1
I have already tried this one and it's so easy! 

Spanish Verb Teaching Ideas: Subject pronouns and conjugations!
I can't find the original source of this pin, so if you know who this belongs to, please let me know!

Fiesta Bunting
I just love this bunting!

An easy Photoshop tutorial on how to create glitter
I love the glittery digital papers.  For whatever reason, this took me a few tries to get right, but I finally got it!

Write "terms to know" on the board and then have each student erase one and tell the class something about that term (definition, connection, example, etc.). Follow link to read about using a graffiti board as an Activating Prior Knowledge lesson.
I feel like this idea could be adapted to so many different topics and subjects.  I can't wait to try this!

Small Bath Space Decor
This is so my style and I love the shelves above the commode.

Teacher apron.  Love the fabrics
This is on my wish list!  I love the combinations of patterns here.  It just makes me happy :)

What are your favorite pins?


  1. I LOVE YOUR BLOG. I just joined the blogging world, and I'm most def following you. :) I love that you're a secondary teacher! I see a lot of blogs by elementary teachers, so I'm glad to see another secondary teacher. :) I also love the chevron, I'm going to have to try that soon!


  2. Thanks, Brittany. I'm your newest follower :)

  3. Found your blog through the linky! Always great to find new friends!

    From Blood to Books!